A small-town girl with big love for homemade meals and every genre of music, Brigette Brugada credits her passions for food and music to her paternal grandparents. From the time she could walk until she moved away from her hometown, Brigette was fortunate to have experienced the complementary coming together of food and music on a day-to-day basis. Fresh-from-the-garden vegetables, authentic Mexican dishes, and homemade cinnamon rolls, cakes and pies were prepared to the tunes of classic country in a small, cozy kitchen.

Whether she was rolling tortillas with her grandmother while listening to George Jones or helping her grandmother pack a cooler with homemade fried chicken and fixings before heading to a family-friendly music festival to see Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson, there was never a time in Brigette’s life when food and music were separated.

“I really cannot imagine one without the other,” said Brigette. “When I was a little girl and growing up, every day felt like I was at a sing-along AND Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…My grandmother prepared pastries on a daily basis for a local truck stop café. My life truly was scrumdidilyumptious.” She admits it was not the healthiest scenario—being able to eat chocolate pie every day—but she’s adamant that the fresh foods, authentic meals, scratch baking, and singing while helping to prepare foods pushed her five senses off the charts.


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