Queen Creek Olive Mill

Olive oil rocks! Seriously… it’s a culinary superstar. Olive oil is used as a condiment, as an ingredient, and for cooking. And it holds its own in the kitchen.

When I found out the Valley of the Sun has its very own olive mill I had to go see what it’s all about. What I discovered is the Queen Creek Olive Mill is a little agri-gem in the desert.

The newly renovated and expanded Queen Creek Olive Mill is the perfect destination for a day trip if you live in Arizona. And if you’re planning a trip to Phoenix from another state, you really should put this delightful and delicious destination on your itinerary.

Not only did I learn the Queen Creek Olive Mill is the only company in Arizona that produces extra virgin olive oil and has over 2,000 olive trees and 16 varieties, but I also learned the process of how olive oil is made, via the Olive Oil 101 tour. When I use olive oil now I think about more than just the tasty liquid gold in the bottle and how I will use it—I think about olive trees and pomace and acid levels and… oh, things you’ll learn when you visit the Queen Creek Olive Mill.

Before my Olive Oil 101 tour began I enjoyed freshly brewed coffee from Superstition Coffee—one of the new additions to the Queen Creek Olive Mill. And I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk with Bill Mohrweis, Founder and Owner of Superstition Coffee. Superstition Coffee is a family affair, with Bill, Terri (Bill’s wife) and the kids providing consumers with incredibly fresh and delicious specialty coffees. Bill shared some great coffee industry stories with me and showed me the coffee roasting process. It was a wonderful added bonus to my day at the Queen Creek Olive Mill.

Superstition Coffee

Before leaving the Queen Creek Olive Mill I had to try something from their Tuscan-inspired eatery: del Piero. I ordered the Kalamata sandwich—del Piero Kalamata Salami, genoa salami, capicola, herb roasted tomatoes, seasonal greens, provolone, and red onion with White Balsamic & Herb Crema on a grilled baguette ($9.99). It’s a meat lover’s dream come true.


One thing that stood out in my mind while I was at the Queen Creek Olive Mill was how busy it was. I was there on a weekday from morning until almost late afternoon and it was packed with people coming and going, nonstop. But it never felt overcrowded.

The Queen Creek Olive Mill has so much to offer. In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, the marketplace is chock-full of flavored olive oils, locally made foods and unique gifts, and the Queen Creek Olive Mill hosts great events, such as their upcoming Labor Day Grill at the Mill.

And another new addition at the Queen Creek Olive Mill is Arizona Style Artisan Pizzas, Beers, and Music!


The Olive Mill

25062 S. Meridian Road

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

(480) 888-9290


Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday – 9am-10pm

Saturday – 8am-10pm

Sunday – 8am-5pm

While at the Queen Creek Olive Mill I heard Andean music being played over the PA system. The happy beats set the mood for a happy day! “Kusi-Kusi” – Performed by RUMINAHUI


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