Food Play

Tropical Island

Many of us have heard, at some point in our lives, “Don’t play with your food!” Depending on the situation, I say, “Strike that, reverse it!” Playing with food can be a great way to inspire creativity, generate ideas, and get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. And creating art with food is an affordable, fun activity for a child’s birthday party; just make sure the kids have clean hands and an adult is chopping the food! If you’re planning an adult party, be it a themed party or casual barbecue, you can impress your family and friends with food that will win you rave reviews, on looks alone. And bento boxes… they’re all about creativity!

A few weeks ago, after reading a Facebook post by my friend Laura B. Marcell, I was inspired to create the above edible tropical island using an orange, a banana, and three kiwi fruit. For just a couple dollars I put together a delicious and nutritious snack for myself and co-workers. It was a tasty treat that generated smiles all the way around!

Here are some links to inspirational food fun:

Food Network – Play With Your Food

Parenting – 20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes

Parents – Play with Your Food

She Knows – Fluffy, Fun Pancakes

If you’re creating delicious delights with kids, you can set the mood with fun food songs. There are so many! Here’s one from Beauty and the Beast… Be Our Guest.


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